About us

About us
Welcome to www.halvas.de!
We love halvas! Do you also love this traditional Greek sweet?  Then we are keen to share the secrets of the best halvas with you!
Our goal is to exceed your expectations of and to lead you to a culinary journey on the real taste of Greece's sweet delicacies!
We are proud to supply  through our site a premium quality selection of Greek products to Germany!
Our halvas is the original Halvas Drapetsonas and it is handmade, produced by a  traditional family business, based on  a secret receipe since 1924! It is the best and most famous halvas of Greece!
 In addition to halvas you can also find in our shop the full range of traditional Greek sweets and delicacies of the company Halvas Drapetsonas .
Thank you for your visit
Christos Malamatinos & the halvas.de team